Kaitlyn Tobin

Katie Tobin is a second year doctoral student in clinical neuropsychology and Brains and Behavior Fellow at Georgia State University. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a B.S. in Neuroscience and Psychology. After graduation, she worked as Research Coordinator in a psychiatric neuroimaging lab that utilized MRI, neuropsychological assessment, and experimental behavioral assessments to study learning and memory.

Katie is interested in the neurobiological, personality, and neuropsychological factors that confer risk for the development and maintenance of psychopathology, particularly externalizing behaviors.

Email: ktobin1@student.gsu.edu

Representative Work:

Peer Reviewed Publications

Latzman, R. D., Tobin, K. E., Palumbo, I. M., Conway, C. C., Lilienfeld, S. O., Patrick, C. J., & Krueger, R. F. (2020). Locating psychopathy within the domain space of personality pathology. Personality and Individual Differences, 164, 110124.

Conference Presentations

Tobin, K.E., Palumbo, I.M., & Latzman, R.D. (September, 2019). Exploring the relationship between callousness, social problems, and internalizing psychopathology in children. Poster to be presented to the Thirty-third Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology, Buffalo, NY