Chimps and Humans Have Similar Personality Traits

 Chimps and Humans Have Similar Personality Traits

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Smarter than the average ape: Researchers find Chimpanzees really DO have distinct personalities almost identical to humans

The researchers analyzed complete questionnaires for 174 chimpanzees housed at the Yerkes National Primate Center at Emory University.

  • Fundamental personality trait for chimpanzees is dominance
  • Team identified five personality factors that combine differently in each individual chimpanzee: conscientiousness, dominance, extraversion, agreeableness and intellect


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Chimpanzees Show Similar Personality Traits to Humans

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Chimpanzees Show Similar Personality Traits to Humans

May 6, 2014
Georgia State University
Chimpanzees have almost the same personality traits as humans, and they are structured almost identically, according to new work. The research also shows some of those traits have a neurobiological basis, and that those traits vary according to the biological sex of the individual chimpanzee.
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