M. Alejandra Arce

Alejandra Arce is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Clinical-Community (CLC) concentration at Georgia State University. As a dually enrolled student, Alejandra is jointly advised by Drs. Latzman (clinical) and Kuperminc (community). Her research focuses on immigrant well-being, and she is particularly interested in investigating multi-level contributors to developmental outcomes among immigrant youth of color. This includes factors at the individual (e.g., personality traits), micro (e.g., family and peer support), and macro levels (e.g., political climate). For her master’s thesis, Alejandra examined contributions of racially-based harassment and variation in personality to differences in multiple group identities among immigrant-origin adolescents and emerging adults. Her more recent interests concern the influence of both dispositional factors, such as personality traits (e.g., extraversion, openness, and boldness), and external factors, such as systemic discrimination, on the civic development of these youth. For her dissertation, Alejandra is interested in developing and testing a model of facilitators and barriers to civic action among immigrant youth of color.

Book Chapters

Chan, W.Y., Miller, J. L., Arce, M. A., & Murtaza, Z. (in press). Immigration Issues. In S. Hupp, & J. Jewell (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Child and Adolescent Development. London, England: Wiley-Blackwell.

Arce, M. A., & Escoto, E. (2018). The Obstacle is the Way: Resilience in the Lives of Salvadoran Immigrants in the U.S. In P. R. Arredondo (ed.), Latinx Immigrants: Transcending  Acculturation and Xenophobia. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.


Arce, M. A., Chan, W. Y., Swartout, K. M., & Latzman, R. D. (under review). Exploring the Contribution of Racially-based Harassment and Personality to Variation in Native and American Identity in Immigrant-origin Youth.

Arce, M. A., Miller, J. L., Kuperminc, G. P., & Roche, K. M. (in preparation). “Tenemos que ser la voz”:Exploring Resilience among Latinx Immigrants in the Context of Restrictive Immigration Policies and Practices. 

Arce, M. A., Snook, D. W., Joseph, H. L., Halmos, M. B., Rodriguez, R., & Kuperminc, G. P. (in preparation). From Theory to Practice: Forging a Collaborative Evaluation Strategy for a Culturally-Informed DV/IPV Initiative.

Conference Presentations

Arce, M. A., Kuperminc, G. P., & Roche, K. M. (2019, October). The Role of Teacher Support in Shaping Prosocial Responses to Immigration-related Stressors among Latinx Youth. In M. A. Arce (Chair) Latinx Youth Development and Mental Health: Risk and Resilience in the Face of Immigration-related Stressors. Symposium accepted for presentation at the National Latinx Psychological Association Conference, Miami, Florida.  

Arce, M. A., Kuperminc, G. P., & Roche, K. M. (2018, October). Internal and External Sources of Resilience among Latinx Immigrants in a Restrictive Immigration Climate. In M. A. Arce (Coordinator) Individuals in Context: What Helps Latinx Community Members Thrive across the U.S.? Thematic table presented at the International Conference of Community Psychology, Santiago, Chile.  

Arce, M. A., McKee, L. G., Algoe, S., & Campos, B. (2018, July). An Examination of Direct and Indirect Effects of Familismo on Self-Esteem via Gratitude among Latinx Adolescents. Poster presented at the Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity, and Race Research Biennial Conference,Austin, Texas. 

Arce, M. A., Latzman, R. D., & Chan, W. Y. (2018, March). Depression in Immigrant College Students: Do Cultural Identities Buffer or Exacerbate the Negative Effects of High Neuroticism and Low Extraversion? Poster presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Convention, Atlanta, Georgia.

Arce, M. A., Murtaza, Z., & Chan, W. Y. (2017, June). Microaggressions and Alcohol Use in Immigrant College Students: The Moderating Role of Language Acculturation. In W.Y. Chan (Chair) New Americans in the New South: Acculturation and Youth Development. Symposium presented at the Society for Community Research and Action Biennial Conference, Ottawa, Canada.