Welcome to the Latzman Lab

The Individual Differences and Developmental Psychopathology (IDDP) Lab is a research laboratory directed by Dr. Robert Latzman in the Department of Psychology at Georgia State University.

The goal of our research is to characterize neurobehavioral mechanisms that underlie the development and persistence of psychopathological behaviors (e.g., aggression, delinquency, substance use, psychopathy). In service of improving our understanding of the organization and basis of psychopathology, a key feature of this work is our interest in the development and use of empirically-derived, dimensional models (e.g., the Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology; HiTOP).

Approached from an integrative, multi-modal perspective, we are interested in the role of individual differences – particularly temperamental/personality and neurobehavioral indicators  of (dis)inhibitory and regulatory and other transdiagnostic social processes – as central mechanisms in the development of these problem behaviors. Complementary to our research with humans, our research with nonhuman primates affords the opportunity to undertake complex and innovative investigations that have clear translational value to humans.

 Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity

Our lab is committed to recruiting, training, and providing a safe and inclusive space for students from historically underrepresented backgrounds in the sciences.  This commitment extends to students at all levels of training including at the undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate levels.

 Recent Media Coverage

We have been fortunate to have our research featured in national and international media outlets. Here is some of our recent recognition:

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